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The legend was still alive but he was a tired man at sixty. He had done things in his lifetime which even a most extraordinary human being would take several lifetimes to achieve. He remembered the epochal Kot Massacre of 1846 A.D. and reminisced how his brothers had come to his rescue. Now three of his younger brothers had left for the abode of the Gods before Jung: Bam Bahadur, Badri Narsingh and Krishna Bahadur! He had restored his third brother Badri Narsingh to filial love and affection but not to the roll call of the hereditary prime ministership. He could never do that after Badri mounted a failed coup attempt against Jung in 1851 A.D.; for the trust betrayed. Jung still felt bitter after all these years.

After Jung Bahadur now Ranoddip, his fifth brother, would take the prime ministership and Jung could not help but shudder at a nasty premonition of dire consequence to his family this might herald. Ranoddip was not made for statecraft; he was too deep into mysticism and rel…