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There have been many myths and legends on child prodigies in all cultures. Lord Krishna's birth leads to a miraculous baby exchange where his foster parents Nanda and Yashoda sacrifice their own new born baby girl to save the incarnated Lord Vishnu from the clutches of the evil uncle King Kangsa. When Lord Buddha is born the wunderkind takes seven steps to pronounce to the world that he is the anointed one. Christ's miraculous birth from a virgin mother fulfills earlier prophesies on 'incarnation' of God in human form. There have been more earthly prodigies galore in most disciplines whether it is in maths or sciences, music or art. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Pablo Picasso are just two of the more renowned wunderkind we have come to celebrate. Mozart played piano at age four and started composing from age five. Picasso completed his first painting "The Picador" at an early age of eight.

Laxman 'Sthapati' came from a caste of artisans known for sculpt…