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The rhinoceros is as prehistoric a beast as one can find today having roamed the earth for 50 million years and outlived the dinosaurs. These rhinos still inhabit the jungles of Nepal and their population shows signs of healthy increase after us humans reversed its course of annihilating these magnificent animals through greed thanks to the awareness created by a few dedicated conservation organizations and attendant scientific advances on reproductive technology. Indian Rhino Vision 2020 Program has set a target of 4,000 rhinos in the wild in Nepal, Bhutan and India. Besides the Great One-horned Indian Rhino, there are only four more species surviving today, the White and Black rhino of Africa, the Javan and the Sumatran rhino in Southeast Asia.
Not all is honky dory of course as poaching, habitat degradation and human encroachment still pose a big threat in all three countries. Nepal took a lead a long time ago by establishing the erstwhile Royal Chitwan National Park and protecting …