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Bill Stone discovered my Blog and wrote to me reminiscing on his young days in Nepal and living in Kiran Bhawan. I encouraged Bill to give an account of the time he spent in Nepal as it would provide a fascinating glimpse into a past we have come to be nostalgic for. Bill has kindly obliged and, in his own words he writes, "I have thoroughly enjoyed the 'project' and would be glad to submit further installments". Keep 'em coming, Bill!
This is Bill's story.


I came to Nepal as a 10 year old in October 1959, having lived my childhood in the US Pacific Northweat (Oregon, Washington, Monatana). The four years we spent in Nepal were the longest I had ever lived in one place, and so special. Since returning "stateside" I have enjoyed several careers, in pharmaceutical manufacturing, as a Deputy Sheriff, a truck enforcement office, tax fraud investigation manager, and shipping manager. I have never been back to Nepal, but I remember it and its …