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For the future of the country it is better now to accept the reality of the Constitution as fait accompli. From the extreme right to the extreme left a huge cross section of society is not happy and instead of fighting a civil war like in post Czarist Russia that will not only bring the country to ruin but also might pose an existential threat to the nation, I submit that this Constitution attempts to find middle ground - no matter how I don't like the concept of Federalism. It is time to make peace with the warring factions by getting the confidence of India. If India wants it, Yadav, Mahato, Thakur and the likes of them will be meek as lambs. I read that the "Madhesi andolan" is now even beyond their control, so external forces are certainly calling the shots. It is time now for Nepalese of all persuasions to unite behind the new Constitution and work for the betterment of the nation. If we lose this opportunity now, then we will never be able to pull ourselves out of …