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Our moral science teacher at our alma mater St. Xavier's Godavari School, the Reverend Fr. Thomas Gaffney S.J., taught us that we humans have a conscience that makes us different from other animals. Our "Voice of Conscience" would always tell us what is right and what is wrong and guide us in the right path in life.

Whenever we friends from St. Xavier's School meet after all these years we reflect upon the trials and tribulations we have faced as adults and how the guiding principles of the Reverend fathers imparted to us at school have made a difference in our lives. We look askance at those whom we perceive as lacking conscience. We marvel at those heroes who have excelled in contributing to the good of our society and humanity. Dr. Govinda K.C. the moral giant fighting nefarious government scheming on the Nepal Medical Education Bill with serial 'fast unto death' sacrifice comes to mind. The much celebrated Dr. Sanduk Ruit the eye surgeon who has given vis…