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"All roads lead to Rome" goes an olden proverb as testimony to the reach of the Roman Empire that saw tributes flowing in from all parts of the known world then. Our own road to Rome was a short flight from Warsaw on Alitalia without frontier checks, a blessing of the Schengen visa agreement. The latest count has got 26 European Union nations that fall under this regime making travel inside Europe relatively hassle free. My wife and I decided to visit Rome and Tuscany for our summer vacation.

A Roman Holiday evokes an aura of romance against the backdrop of haute couture and historical ruins. Gucci and Garibaldi jostle for prominence cheek by jowl in the crowded streets milling with a multitude of insatiable tourists. The spirits of Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn commingle with that of Romeo and Juliet. We spy Laila and Majnu holding hands. Hordes of Yuris and Laras descend upon Rome today irrespective of the west applying sanctions on Putin's resurgent Russia. After a…