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Just over two decades back if you happened to be in the center of Kathmandu city around mid-day you would likely get a near heart-attack when suddenly a loud cannon fire deafened and rocked you. It was liberal minded Maharajah Dev Shumsher reminding the denizens that the morning had given way to afternoon. It was harmless as the cannons fired empty shells, only later during the Peoples' War did we associate loud bangs with evil intention and twisted metal. It is hard to establish the exact reason why such a quaint custom was instituted by the administration of Maharajah Dev in 1901 A.D. but giving the population a perspective on time might be the reason: a reminder that the notorious "Nepali Time" was not good enough for the dawning of the modern era. The practice was discontinued only in 1989 A.D.

"Gauchar" airport got its name because it was a gigantic pastureland for cattle. Farmers from far and wide brought their cattle for grazing there and the grazing con…